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What factors will affect the efficiency of wire drawing?

The wire drawing die is an important tool for wire drawing. Wire drawing is a pressure processing method that uses a certain amount of tension to cause plastic deformation of the wire blank through the die hole of the wire drawing die, and then reducing the cross-section and increasing the length.

Stretching belongs to the range of pressure processing. During the stretching process, apart from producing very few powder chips, there will not be a significant change in volume, so the volume of the metal before and after stretching is basically the same.


When using wire drawing dies for wire drawing, there are several factors that can affect the drawing effect.

1. Processing materials: Under the same usage conditions, different materials of wire require different tensile forces. For example, compared to aluminum wire, drawing the copper wire requires greater tensile force. Therefore, different materials of wire require different tensile force parameters to be set.

2. Material strength: Factors such as chemical composition and rolling process can affect the strength of the material. The higher the tensile strength, the greater the required tensile force.

3. Deformation degree: The greater the deformation degree, the longer the length of the deformation section of the mold hole, which increases the positive pressure on the mold hole to the line. At the same time, the friction force also increases, leading to an increase in tensile force.

4. Friction coefficient: The friction coefficient is determined by the smoothness of the wire and dies materials, the composition and quantity of the lubricant. The greater the friction coefficient between the wire and the dies hole, the greater the tensile force.

5. The size and shape of the working area and fixed diameter area of the wire drawing dies hole: The larger the fixed diameter area, the greater the tensile force.

6. Position of wire drawing dies: Abnormal placement of wire drawing dies or skewed dies seat can increase tensile force, and may even lead to wire diameter and surface quality not meeting standards.

7. External factors: External factors, such as wire bending, shaking during the pulling process, and wire resistance, all increase the tensile force.


After understanding the factors that affect wire drawing efficiency, perhaps you are also concerned about wire breakage.

Regarding wire breakage, we have analyzed it in detail before. You can check our previous post:11 Causes Of Copper Wire Breakage.

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