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Advantages of CD Cobalt-based PCD wire drawing dies

1. The CD Cobalt-based PCD wire drawing dies are refined by an advanced high-temperature – ultra-high pressure process; the diamond particles are highly bonded, and it has both the wear resistance, hardness and good thermal conductivity of natural diamond. It has a toughness similar to cemented carbides’ long service life, and it is especially suitable for replacing imported die blank to manufacture high-precision wire drawing dies.

2. Due to the presence of metal catalyst cobalt, CD Co-based PCD dies have good electrical conductivity and thermal stability at 650 °C. EDM, laser and ultrasonic methods can be used to punch and form, but can not choose higher than 650 °C inlay method. It can be used for high-speed drawing of stainless steel, copper, aluminum and various alloy wires, especially in drawing cutting wire,copper-clad steel, enameled wire, welding wire and other special wires.

3. The die blank can be divided into a carbide ring & without a carbide ring. (die blank with cemented carbide ring can withstand greater tensile force, mostly used to manufacture large diameter die bases, drawing thicker diameter wire) – wire above 3mm is recommended with cemented carbide rings.

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