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The Nano Coating Stranding Die replaces the carbide die

It has been a long time since Nano CVD coating dies were created. However many people don’t know much about it. The more traditional tungsten carbide wire drawing dies are still used.

This article will introduce you to why the Nano coating stranding die can replace the traditional carbide die.

Nano coating stranding dies vs Traditional carbide dies

The practice has proved that the Nano Coating Stranding Die have the following characteristics:


1) The service life is more than 10 times of normal Cemented carbide dies:

In different stranding equipment and stranding speeds, Nano-coated diamond dies can make a production length of 1000 km or more. But when normal tungsten carbide dies production length reaches about 25-30KM, there will be a hairy, sticky aluminum (copper), hole size phenomenon until soon scrapped.


2)Production efficiency is greatly improved:

Long service life, reducing the frequency of die replacement and waiting for die purchase and production cycles due to increased die replacement. Due to the small friction coefficient of diamond composite coating, the deformation and sizing areas of the die and the stranded The friction force between the outer surfaces of aluminum (copper) is small, and the traction force is small during the stranding process. Therefore, under the same conditions, it can be produced at a higher stranding speed relative to the cemented carbide die.

In summary, the two aspects of The use of nano-coating die can greatly improve the production efficiency of stranded wire and reduce the labor intensity of workers.


3)The product structure is stable in size and effectively reduces the cost of raw materials:

The outer diameter of the stranded products made by nano-diamond coating dies is basically the same, and the change in wire diameter is less than 0.01mm from the beginning to the end.

It has good dimensional accuracy and produces less metal powder. In contrast, with traditional carbide dies, the sizing area of the mould is very prone to wear during use. Even if the sizing area can meet the use of tolerance requirements, the outside diameter of the stranded tightly compressed products will have a large increase, thus increasing the use of raw materials.

Comprehensive statistics of nano-diamond composite coating mould can save tangible and intangible losses of about 2% -3%, thus effectively reducing production costs for the enterprise, and creating great economic benefits.


4)The compacted product of the Nano coating stranding die has a bright appearance, pressure resistance, high partial discharge yield and low resistance increment:

The friction coefficient of nano-diamond CVD coating stranding dies is small.  Can improve the surface quality and finish of the tightly pressed stranded wire, the generation of surface burrs is greatly reduced.

It can significantly reduce the discharge of the tip of the punctured insulation or medium and high voltage cables caused by conductor burrs, thereby significantly improving the withstand voltage test pass rate and greatly reducing the partial discharge charge.

Such as for soft aluminum wire (aluminum alloy wire) appearance shaping, the effect is particularly good.  It can successfully ensure that special overhead conductors are through the high-voltage corona test.


5) The nano-coating die has good heat dissipation.

The nano-coating die has good heat dissipation and does not require cooling liquid such as alcohol, which simplifies the production process and saves auxiliary materials such as alcohol and infusion bottles, which is beneficial to the environmental hygiene of the production site and further improves labor productivity.


6) The price of nano-coating die is more expensive, but it is more cost-effective than normal carbide die.

Based on the comparative analysis of product cost from the entire life cycle and product quality, nano-coating dies have greatly improved the efficiency of enterprises far beyond cemented carbide dies.

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