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Extending Wire Drawing Die Life by Wire Surface Pretreatment

When producing wire through the wire drawing dies, it is typically not directly drawn but first subjected to surface pretreatment. The degree of refinement in ...
About enamels and enameling

About enamels and enameling

Enamels are most prominently associated with copper and aluminum magnet wire. These smooth, thin insulators minimize space consumed in wound coils, have high dielectric strength, ...
The working principle of each area of the PCD drawing dies

The working principle of each area of the PCD drawing dies

Entrance Area: The entrance angle of the inner hole is a crucial parameter in PCD drawing dies. The inlet area of the PCD drawing dies ...
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What factors will affect the efficiency of wire drawing?

The wire drawing die is an important tool for wire drawing. Wire drawing is a pressure processing method that uses a certain amount of tension ...
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The Nano Coating Stranding Die replaces the carbide die

It has been a long time since Nano CVD coating dies were created. However many people don’t know much about it. The more traditional tungsten ...
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🌟 Relive the Success of Our Thailand Exhibition 📸

We are thrilled to invite you to our bustling booth at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center. Event Recap: 📍 Booth: Hall 103, Booth ...
General Quantities in Metal Drawing

General Quantities in Metal Drawing

In various engineering disciplines, drawing plays a pivotal role in the creation and analysis of components and products. Understanding the fundamental quantities that are encountered ...
Illustration of a single die wire drawing system

Overview of the art and science of metal drawing

1. Metal Drawing Introduction The process of drawing metal wires, rods, and bars is a crucial technique in the manufacturing industry. It involves reducing the ...
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Wire shrinkage – draw smaller than the size of the die

In the daily wire drawing production, some factors that affect the finished product are often encountered – cracks, mucous membranes, broken wires, wire shrinkage and ...
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