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In welding wire production, wire drawing dies play a key role in drawing thicker wires through multi-stage die holes, gradually reducing the diameter to obtain the desired diameter and smooth surface of the wire.

Welding Wire-To-Wire Dies

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Carbon Steel Solid wire

Used for welding carbon and mild steels. Common types include ER70S-3, ER70S-6, and ER70S-7.

  • Often the choice is to use a high-quality, robust and wear-resistant drawing wire dies such as Tungsten Carbide or CVD coating.

Stainless Steel Solid Wire

Used for welding stainless steel. Common types include ER308, ER309, and ER316.

  • Stainless steel wires usually have high mould requirements. Usually, Tungsten Carbide or nano wire drawing moulds are used.

Aluminum&Copper Welding Wire

Used for welding aluminum &copper and aluminum &copper alloys. Common types include ER4043 and ER5356.

  • Copper and aluminium are similar and are softer metals. The choice of die material can include rugged, wear-resistant tungsten steel or nano-drawing dies.

Nickel Alloy Welding Wire

Used for welding nickel alloys such as Inconel and Hastelloy. Common specifications include ERNiCr-3, ERNiCrFe-2, etc.

  • Nickel alloys are usually harder, so harder wire drawing dies can be used. Nano-diamond CVD coating drawing dies are recommended.

Hardfacing Welding Wire

Used for hard-facing applications to improve wear resistance. Common types include chromium-carbide and complex carbide alloys.

  • Usually, wire drawing dies with excellent abrasion resistance are used. Nano-diamond CVD coating or PDC drawing dies are recommended.

Flux-Cored Welding Wire

Contains a flux core to provide the protection required during the welding process. Classified into gas-shielded and self-protected types. Common specifications include E71T-1, E70T-4, etc.

  • Usually, it depends on the combination of core and shell. Nano-diamond CVD coating or PDC drawing dies are recommended.
Wire Drawing dies for Welding Wire - Upgrading Revolution

Wire Drawing dies for Welding Wire

Upgrading Revolution

In the welding wire industry, carbide wire drawing dies have long been favoured for their economic efficiency. Nevertheless, with the advancements in nano-coating technology over the years, the cost-effectiveness of nano-coated dies has surpassed that of carbide counterparts. Consequently, carbide wire drawing dies have been entirely replaced by the more economical nano-coated alternatives.

times longer service life
10~ 11 X
reduction in power consumption and lubrication costs
5~ %
savings in raw material costs
0 %

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We have helped many welding wire factories to save costs.

Depending on the wire material and process. Reduces overall costs by an average of 5% after talking to engineers.



United Arab Emirates


after using the CVD nano drawing die. our machine has been running normally.

my guy said that the frequency of wire die change has been reduced a lot. thanks.


Fajar Insani Indah



We haven’t crunched the numbers on the total cost just yet, but we’re expecting a nice drop. On the bright side, we’ve got a boost in gloss, and the wire breakage issue is officially sorted. Big thanks, my friend!





Yes. we have calculated the cost of production. It is currently down by 3.7%. wI’ll also improve the lubricant. thank you very much

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