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How to maintain a polycrystalline wire drawing die

The polycrystalline wire drawing die is a highly utilised die that has many uses in various fields. In order to prolong the life of a wire drawing die as much as possible, we need to have the right methods in the process of use and maintenance.

Today we will share with you how to maintain the polycrystalline wire drawing die.


When using polycrystalline wire drawing dies, it is important to pay attention to the following points:


1. Proper lubrication:

Ensure that a suitable lubricant or drawing compound is used during the wire drawing process. Lubrication helps to reduce friction and heat generation, extending the lifespan of the die and improving the surface finish of the drawing wire.

Good lubrication conditions are important to ensure the surface quality of the wire and extend the life of the polycrystalline wire drawing die. Frequently check the lubrication indicators and remove copper powder and impurities from the lubricant to avoid contamination of the equipment hole. If the lubrication fails, the lubrication system must be replaced and cleaned in time.

Lubricating Powder and Lubricating Liquid wire drawing Lubricating Powder wire drawing Lubricating Liquid


2. Correct die selection:

Choose the appropriate polycrystalline wire drawing die based on the specific wire material, diameter, and desired shape. Using the wrong die can result in poor wire quality, increased wear on the die, and reduced productivity.

Due to the vibration of the wire, some slight ring wear occurs first in the contact area of the drawing die and then continues to expand into the sizing area, resulting in a serious loss of wire surface quality and an enlargement of the wire size. In addition, severe wear will cause transverse or longitudinal cracks in the die, leading to premature scrapping of the die.

Reasonable die matching is a key factor to ensure the surface quality of the wire, control the size accurately and consistently, reduce the wear of the wire drawing machine roll, and reduce the operating load of the equipment. For sliding wire drawing machines, being familiar with the mechanical elongation of the equipment and reasonably selecting the sliding coefficient is the first step in mould adjustment.

Correct polycrystalline wire drawing die selection


3. Regular inspection and maintenance:

Handle polycrystalline wire drawing dies with care and avoid any impact or dropping, as they are more fragile compared to other types of dies. Protect the dies from any damage that could affect their performance.

Periodically inspect the polycrystalline wire drawing dies for signs of wear, chipping, or other damage. Replace the dies if necessary to maintain optimal performance and wire quality. Follow the recommendations of the 3Better sales for maintenance and cleaning procedures.

Possible damage to wire drawing die


4. Control of parameters:

Depending on the material being drawn and the drawing rate for each drawing. It is also closely related to the compression angle of the corresponding polycrystalline wire drawing die, which should be adjusted according to the compression rate.

Monitor and control the drawing parameters such as drawing speed, reduction rate, and tension to ensure consistent and accurate wire diameter reduction. Avoid excessive forces or speeds that could lead to excessive wear or damage to the die.

ensure consistent and accurate wire diameter reduction


5. Proper wire preparation:

Ensure that the wire being drawn is properly prepared, free from defects, and has an appropriate surface finish.

If special materials are required, anneal or heat treat the wire before drawing.

The pre-treatment of the wire drawing will extend the life of the die. However, we always recommend choosing a better quality supplier, which can significantly increase production efficiency. Take the products produced by 3Better for example. Each product is subjected to rigorous quality testing to ensure consistency of production. This ensures each wire drawing die produces smooth wire while significantly reducing the failure rate and extending the life of the die.

Proper wire preparation



The maintenance of wire drawing dies is crucial for enhancing productivity and reducing production costs. At 3Better, we adhere to the slogan “Better Products,” “Better Prices,” and “Better Services” to assist our customers in improving productivity and cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.

To meet these high standards, we continuously optimize our quality control measures and enhance our customer service. Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive the best products and support.

If you’re seeking to enhance the efficiency of your production plant, we are here to assist you. We offer a wide range of samples for testing purposes, allowing you to experience the quality and performance of our wire drawing dies firsthand. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you.

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