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UAE customers use ND drawing dies to pull gold and silver thread for jewelry

ND Wire Drawing Dies (Nature Diamond wire drawing dies) are manufactured from high-quality natural diamond materials; We select each natural diamond carefully to ensure the good quality of the die core, coupled with precise orientation when mounting, With special plastic polishing equipment and unique mold hole production process, It will ensure that each mold has a precise size, perfect hole type, in the filament, ultra-fine wire or high-surface finish wire pull-out always has excellent performance.

Drawing die application real shot 1 600x600 1


In the long-term wire drawing process, the surface finish and accuracy of the wire can be guaranteed, and the product range of the inner diameter of the mold is 0.015mm-1.2mm(larger or smaller size customized according to customer requirements).

thread for jewelry 3

It can be used in high-temperature processing technology, withstanding temperatures up to 1700 degrees, is easy to debug, and the drawing process is smooth.
Natural diamond dies are mainly used for filament and ultra-fine wire drawing or are widely used in applications requiring excellent wire surface finish and good heat dissipation performance.

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