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Application of wire drawing die in cable industry

The wire drawing die is an important tool for the production of wire rods in the wire and cable industry. It is the key to achieving normal continuous stretching and ensuring the quality of stretched products. In order to achieve the best service life of the wire drawing die and obtain high-quality drawn products, it depends not only on the material of the wire drawing dies itself, but also on the hole design of the die and other matching conditions during use.


According to the production process and usage requirements of wires and cables, our company specially produces a complete set of cable dies for the wire and cable industry, including copper wire, aluminum wire, round wire drawing dies, tile-shaped, fan-shaped, Z-shaped and other special-shaped conductor dies, nano-diamond Coating mold, cable pressing mold, fan-shaped stranding mold, tile-shaped stranding mold, cable extrusion mold, cable forming mold, etc.

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