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Wire shrinkage – draw smaller than the size of the die

In the daily wire drawing production, some factors that affect the finished product are often encountered – cracks, mucous membranes, broken wires, wire shrinkage and so on.

Recently, a customer asked us for a solution because of wire shrinkage. Through analysis, our technical department perfectly solved production problems for customers.

While receiving praise from customers, the technical department sorted out some possible reasons, hoping to give you a reference.

wire shrinkage schematic diagram


Reasons for wire shrinkage:


  1. Improper setting of drawing parameters.

Improper setting of parameters such as tension, speed, and temperature during the wire drawing process may lead to a shrinking in the size of the copper wire.


  1. The mold is severely worn.

Dimensional changes may occur if the bearing part of the drawing die is severely worn. Wear causes the tool to lose its original accuracy and dimensional control. At this time, the mold needs to be replaced or repaired.


  1. The deformation performance of the material is poor

Certain copper materials may have poor deformation properties, making them more prone to size shrinking during wire drawing.


  1. Problems with wire drawing machine equipment

Faulty or poor adjustments/settings of wire drawing machine equipment can cause dimensional changes.


  1. Excessive strength leads to compression deformation

If the pulling force applied during the drawing process is too large, or the speed is increased to an excessive level. It may also cause compression and deformation of the copper wire, making it smaller in size.


  1. Temperature change

Changes in temperature can have an effect on the dimensions of the copper wire. If the temperature is unstable or changes greatly during the drawing process, it may cause changes in product dimensions.


  1. Poor lubrication leads to increased friction

Improper or insufficient lubrication may increase friction and make the deformation of the copper wire more difficult, resulting in dimensional changes.


  1. Wrong mold

It usually exists when the worker replaces the wrong type of drawing die. The wrong mold will cause product breakage or cause product size changes.


  1. Defects in materials.

Raw materials that do not meet standards, such as inclusions or air bubbles, may cause size shrinking.


The above are possible reasons, and regular maintenance and inspections for the corresponding reasons can avoid the occurrence of wire shrinkage.

Usually, the technical department/maintenance department of a mature factory will regularly debug the equipment on a regular basis. It has been made to achieve the best production performance. The process is relatively standardized.


But for smaller factories, our technical department also gives the following suggestions:


  1. For old equipment, it is necessary to regularly check and adjust the drawing parameters to ensure that they are appropriate and meet the requirements.
  2. Regularly inspect and maintain the drawing dies, and repair or replace severely worn dies.
  3. Ensure that the raw materials used are good enough to avoid problems from the source.
  4. Check the status of the wire drawing machine equipment and make necessary maintenance and adjustments.
  5. Consider the influence of elastic recovery and temperature change on the size, adjust the temperature during the drawing process and the way of relaxing the pulling force.
  6. Ensure proper lubrication, reduce friction and improve dimensional control accuracy.
  7. Perfect accessory replacement process to ensure the accuracy and applicability of the mold.


In summary, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of product dimensions is the key to production. Through the correct setting of wire drawing parameters, regular maintenance and inspection of the mold, and optimization of equipment and processes, the problem that the actual size of the product is smaller than of bearing part of the wire drawing die can be effectively solved, and the production efficiency and product quality can be improved.

Continuing to focus on and improve these areas will help you produce better products, meet more customer needs, and help your company achieve business success.

If your factory encounters other problems during the drawing, you can also contact our technical department.

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