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On the market prospect of steel cord

Steel cord is the skeleton material of radial tires. The earliest steel cord was initiated by Michelin company of France in 1946,followed by Michelin company of England in 1949, and steel cord was produced by Dunlop company; Bekaert of Belgium began to produce steel cords in 1951; Japan produced steel cords in 1964 to 1968 by Tokyo rope manufacturing company and other companies.

Steel cord has experienced several changes since its emergence:

1. Changes in strength: the steel cord has changed from 70c to 80C, and even a small amount of 90C;

2. Structural changes: the original small steel rope products with the old structures are gradually transformed into corrosion-resistant and fatigue-resistant structures such as OC structure, beta structure, flat row structure and tight row structure;

3. Changes in the coating. The coating starts from brass alloy, and the copper content is ordinary coating. Up to the current low copper coating, the ternary alloy coating of copper, zinc and cobalt appears in the follow-up research. Although the service performance of ternary alloy is poor, it was once a hot topic in the steel cord industry.

Radial tires run much cooler under all conditions (high speeds, high loads) and show higher durability compared to bias tires.

In recent years, with the continuous increase of highway mileage and the rapid development of the automobile industry, the tire industry has been in full swing. Among them, the high-performance tire represented by all steel radial tires has the fastest growth rate. The tire radial rate increased from 29.2% in 2000 to 76.7% in 2008. The gap with the world’s advanced countries is narrowing. It is noteworthy that the sharp increase in the output of all steel tires and engineering radial tires has a great impact on the demand for high-performance steel cords of radial tire skeleton materials, resulting in a sharp increase in the demand for domestic steel cords.

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