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How to prolong the lifespan of wire drawing dies

Compared with tungsten carbide dies, PCD wire drawing dies to have the following significant advantages: The tensile strength of PCD drawing dies is only 70% of that of common cemented carbide, and the hardness is 2.5 times that of common carbide. Therefore, PCD diamond mold is better than carbide mold.PCD diamond wire drawing dies have good wear resistance, uniform bore wear, impact resistance, and high efficiency of wire drawing. Therefore, PCD wire drawing dies began to receive attention in the metal wire drawing industry.

But how to prolong the lifespan of wire drawing dies?

1. Necessary maintenance must be carried out during the use of the drawing dies. Maintenance is the key to ensuring the die’s life and the wire’s surface quality. Therefore, customers are generally recommended to repair the drawing dies every 24 hours. Within 24 hours, the pore diameter of the PCD diamond drawing dies has little change, and the pore diameter change rate of the drawing wire is also small. In the production process, each module’s wire diameter compression ratio is relatively stable, and the ratio of input to output is large.
To save raw materials, for example, when the electroplating surface is coated with metal when the electroplating is stopped, the electroplating will be carried out continuously, resulting in the electroplating of the wire surface being too thick. When the electroplating is resumed, the excessively thick wire should be cut off, causing waste. The more the number of stops, the greater the waste. The use of PCD diamond dies greatly reduces waste.

2. Timely check the wire drawing machine
3. Properly clean the wire before wire drawing
4. Select high-quality lubricant
5. Lubricate and protect the working area of the wire drawing dies
6. Select a reasonable compression ratio according to the size and performance of the wire rod
7. Check the mold regularly
8. Properly keep the mold when not in use

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