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Analysis of the causes for diamond drawing dies’ wear resistance

1. The quality factors of the drawing die itself

(1) The diamond wire drawing dies blank, the mold steel sleeve inlay is asymmetrical, and the sintered cemented carbide steel sleeve is unevenly distributed or has a gap, which can easily lead to U-shaped cracks in the process of drawing the wire;

(2) In the process of laser punching, the sintering traces are not cleaned, or the heat is uneven, which will cause the metal catalysts and binders in the diamond layer to gather into a pile, which can easily lead to pits in the mold during the drawing process;

(3) The dies hole design is unreasonable, the opening of the inlet lubrication area is too small, and the stereotyping area is too long, leading to poor lubrication, resulting in mold wear and even fragmentation.


2. Improper use of the wire drawing dies process leads to mold wear

(1) The shrinkage rate of the brushed surface is too large, resulting in cracks or brokenness in the dies.

(2) The tensile axis of the wire is asymmetrical with the centerline of the die hole, resulting in uneven stress on the wire and the pulling dies, and the impact generated by mechanical vibration will also cause a high-stress peak to the wire and the pulling die, both of which will accelerate the wear of the mold.

(3) Factors such as uneven hardness of the wire caused by uneven annealing can easily cause fatigue damage to the diamond drawing mold prematurely, form a circular groove, and aggravate the wear of the dies hole.

(4) The surface of the wire is rough, and the surface adheres to the oxide layer, sand or other impurities, etc., which will make the dies wear out too quickly. When the wire passes through the dies hole, the hard and brittle oxide layer and other adhesion impurities will cause the wire dies hole to quickly wear out and scratch the surface of the wire like an abrasive.

(5) Poor lubrication or lubricating oil containing metal debris impurities causes dies wear. Poor lubrication will cause the surface

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